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Online free porn films- history and historical past
Internet free porn is presented by pornography which is distributed by means of various market sectors on the Internet, primarily via website, peer-to-peer file sharing or maybe via Usenet newsgroups. Even though porn material have been traded on the internet ever since the 1980’s, the creation of the Net in 1991 was actually what manifested the launching of the Internet to the public round the exact same time period that led to a blast in online pornography.

Identical to videotapes and DVD’s, the Web has proven popular for circulating porn material as it enables people to view porn material more or less anonymously in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Web free porn can also allow access to porn material to those whose access is in any other case restricted for legal or cultural reasons.

Free porn is often thought to be one of many driving causes that support the development of the Internet. Pornographic pictures had been sent over the web as porn however to transmit pictures over the network requires computers with a really graphical potential as well as computers with a very high system bandwith. This was also possible in the late 80’ and beginning 90s with the aid of anonymous File transfer protocol servers’ usage and through Gopher usage. During this time period the World Wide Web. Nevertheless, during this time the net offered mainly an academic and military network function and there was absolutely no widespread utilisation of the Internet.
You can find on the Internet both commercial and free porn . The bandwidth use of a pornography web site is really very high and also the earnings a free porn site can generate by means of advertising may not always be sufficient in order to pay all the costs of that bandwith. A thing that we should additionally mention is a recent entry into the free porn internet site marketplace known as Thumbnail gallery post web sites. They are truly free websites that fundamentally post links to commercial sites so as to supply a type of testing of the business oriented site by means of thumbnail images or perhaps sometimes in the form of Free Hosted Galleries which can be really yet another kind of trying of full-sized content provided and hosted by the business oriented sites for being able to advertise their particular internet sites. In these contemporary times, the net is an international system and there are presently no international rules regulating free porn movies since each country deals with Internet free porn differently.
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Sex in public places
I wasn’t really willing to share some of my personal experiences, but this one has to come to light.It’s so fun to have sex outside, under the stars.I’ve done it loads of times and still every time is different, because you have the whole world and the night as your cover.
At first is a bit strange, because in the city, even if the night provides you with the shelter of shadows, will still hide a lot of dangers.
But it totally worth it! Did you know that 17% of people fantasize about it?It may be the risk or the novelty of a strange place, but either way it all about the location.A perfect spot, even if you don’t plan the ting trough, could still offer you pleasures as never before.
I was at a bar with some friends, and I was eyeing a guy all night.He never seemed to look at me and I was kinda sad about it.I was wearing a short baby-doll dress and after a lot of drinks, maybe to many, I started dancing really slow next to him.I one moment I was there and in the next we were in the parking lot, on the hood of his car.It was such a thrilling emotion, to see me there, with a total stranger, having sex under the moonlight, with any chance somebody will pass by.
That was one of my first time, and from that on, I’m a addict of sex in public places.
Here are some good public places where you and your lover could get it on:
Try while at a local parks and beaches, the special pig in a blanket position (cover yourselves with a blanket and wriggle like little pigs.).Or maybe try the Lumberjack position when you find yourselves in the woods, by acting as a PETA activist and a evil tree cutter.
Any position you’ll use, the result will still be as awesome.For more references you could try some amateur free porn movies.
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Genital piercing for girls


I always wanted to try any kind of sexual pleasure existing on this planet.That’s way I am really considering body piercing.But surely not in my belly button or ears; I’m talking about hardcore sex piercing!!
It ok to be worried at first, I know I am, so I’m writing this article as an encouragement for myself and others.The more I write, the more I feel the urge to go out to the first tattoo salon and get myself pierced.

Sure, many body piercing are only decorative, but there are some places where a piercing could actually magnify your sexual pleasure.Though there are some people that have contested a piercing ability to enlarge sexual stimulation, I bet they didn’t even try it!

There are some differences when opting for a piercing if you are a girl or a man so I’m gonna talk about them in separate instances.
A woman can get a vertical or a horizontal clitoral hood piercing, but it not always her decision on which of them to use.An expert in piercing should examine her first and he will tel her witch of the two she is best suited for.Some women are actually gifted with getting either of them, so they could actually choose (wouldn’t that be great?).
If you ask an expert if sexual hood piercing would stimulate you during sex, they would probably answer that is depends on the skill of the piercer but also on your own body.
And if you’re wandering if you could lose your ability to achieve orgasm, rest assure that the answer is no.An orgasm comes from the clitoris not the hood.Just think of it as a car: no damage comes to the motor if you tune your hood, right?
There are two more types of piercing that a women can get to maximize her sexual pleasure.

There is the clitoral piercing, one that actually penetrates the clitoris, but it’s much more risky then a hood piercing, because as I said, your tuning up you engine now....If you insist on getting one of these, you should be careful to get it from a skilled professional.A bad one could make you lose the ability to achieve orgasm.
The last one is a labia piercing, which can arouse any man, but it wound give you any sexual bonus.You’re getting this one just for the look!

So, if you’re still not sure on which location to choose, just look at some  hardcore porn  to see what those girls wave pierced!  And if you’re really sure you want one of these, be careful to choose an expert to do the job!

In my next post I’ll talk about the way a man can get an sexual upgrade from piercing himself!

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Biting in the Kama Sutra

Tell something more erotic then your lover kissing you all over your body?Something more pleasurable then having to feel every nerve of your body tingling with provocative sensations?

kissing and biting in the kamasutra
If you like it a bit rough, then the Kama Sutra recommends that you should try biting.
The Kama Sutra is an ancient love making art, one that have stood the test of time in India and other Asian countries.But in the past decade, everyone on this planet have heard or read about this incredible book of lovers wisdom.it’s text cover the three goals in life: virtue prosperity and love.
We are clearly interested more in the love part the anything else and for good merit.It depicts, in the most unique ways, sexual fantasies and positions, teaching us how to become better lovers.

In the fifth chapter, the Kama Sutra teaches us that any place that can be kissed can be also bitten, with the exception of the eyes, interior of ones mouth and the upper lip.It goes on in describing the tools of this trade, giving example on good teeth and bad ones, specifying that teeth with sharp ends are the most pleasure giving items along with long nails.
The Kama Sutra describes there are 8 types of ways you could sexually offer pleasure with a bite, naming them and describing their atributes:

The hidden bite - the bite that only lives a small red sign

The swollen bite - when the skin is pressed from both sides

The point - when the bite is made with only two teeth and on a small portion of the body

The line of points - using all the teeth on a small portion of your lovers body

The coral and the jewel - this is one of my favorites!Using the teeth and the lips to offer a bite.

The line of jewels - this is the most pleasure giving method for all you bondage fans out there, because it is done with all the teeth.

The broken cloud - this method  is used especially on the breasts of a woman, and is made by using all the teeth, living a mark made from unequal risings in a circle.biting in the kama sutra

The biting of the boar - this is also a good way to subdue your partner, living him with visible marks in the shape of rows on his or hers shoulders.

So now, that you have learned the mistique ways of the Kama Sutra go and give them a try.You could start your night with some role playing bondage games and finish it by watching some free porn movie of masters and slaves.Either way, try to surprise your partner by applying the broken cloud or the line of jewels on them.
Go and have fun tonight and maybe have a bite :)
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Bondage 101


Here is a simple question?What does the word bondage triggers in you? Does it scare you? Does it arouses you?
Well if it’s the second, then you have come to the right page.
For most, bondage means  leather, whips, sexual games, s&m, chains....ad well, a lot of pain.
But if you searched for the real meaning of bondage you’ll soon find out that it’s real meaning comes from restricting some one's movements.So it’s more likely to let your mind wonder off in the control area rather then in the masochistic one.
Controlling someone and being controlled can be a great turn on for some people.And if this is your case, I can reassure you it not all about whips and chains.
We all want at one point in our life, to be controlled or to take control of our sex partner.It’s just that we don’t talk about this subject.Kinda like watching free porn movies at home, in front of your computer.

Experimenting is a great way to learn more about your partners preferences.And about yours too.
Here, I will teach you about bondage 101: a beginner course.
You will find some bondage games do not require trips to sex-shops as you can use items found in your own dresser.

Use a scarf to tie your lover to the bed.It will make your erotic game more fun, now that you are in complete control.
Take a necktie and use it as a blindfold.Without visual contact, your other senses will become more aware.
If you want to tease your partner a bit use a feather or other object, to tickle them in some private areas like the inside of their thighs.
Or if they have been naughty, use a ruler to spank them into submission.

This is just the start.If you like to add more and more sexual games, you can always come back here to read some new and interesting stuff about the world of bondage.

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Welcome to my page!

I relly want to share with you my experiences and I wish I can get some really good feedback from you guys.


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