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Biting in the Kama Sutra

Tell something more erotic then your lover kissing you all over your body?Something more pleasurable then having to feel every nerve of your body tingling with provocative sensations?

kissing and biting in the kamasutra
If you like it a bit rough, then the Kama Sutra recommends that you should try biting.
The Kama Sutra is an ancient love making art, one that have stood the test of time in India and other Asian countries.But in the past decade, everyone on this planet have heard or read about this incredible book of lovers wisdom.it’s text cover the three goals in life: virtue prosperity and love.
We are clearly interested more in the love part the anything else and for good merit.It depicts, in the most unique ways, sexual fantasies and positions, teaching us how to become better lovers.

In the fifth chapter, the Kama Sutra teaches us that any place that can be kissed can be also bitten, with the exception of the eyes, interior of ones mouth and the upper lip.It goes on in describing the tools of this trade, giving example on good teeth and bad ones, specifying that teeth with sharp ends are the most pleasure giving items along with long nails.
The Kama Sutra describes there are 8 types of ways you could sexually offer pleasure with a bite, naming them and describing their atributes:

The hidden bite - the bite that only lives a small red sign

The swollen bite - when the skin is pressed from both sides

The point - when the bite is made with only two teeth and on a small portion of the body

The line of points - using all the teeth on a small portion of your lovers body

The coral and the jewel - this is one of my favorites!Using the teeth and the lips to offer a bite.

The line of jewels - this is the most pleasure giving method for all you bondage fans out there, because it is done with all the teeth.

The broken cloud - this method  is used especially on the breasts of a woman, and is made by using all the teeth, living a mark made from unequal risings in a circle.biting in the kama sutra

The biting of the boar - this is also a good way to subdue your partner, living him with visible marks in the shape of rows on his or hers shoulders.

So now, that you have learned the mistique ways of the Kama Sutra go and give them a try.You could start your night with some role playing bondage games and finish it by watching some free porn movie of masters and slaves.Either way, try to surprise your partner by applying the broken cloud or the line of jewels on them.
Go and have fun tonight and maybe have a bite :)
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