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Genital piercing for girls


I always wanted to try any kind of sexual pleasure existing on this planet.That’s way I am really considering body piercing.But surely not in my belly button or ears; I’m talking about hardcore sex piercing!!
It ok to be worried at first, I know I am, so I’m writing this article as an encouragement for myself and others.The more I write, the more I feel the urge to go out to the first tattoo salon and get myself pierced.

Sure, many body piercing are only decorative, but there are some places where a piercing could actually magnify your sexual pleasure.Though there are some people that have contested a piercing ability to enlarge sexual stimulation, I bet they didn’t even try it!

There are some differences when opting for a piercing if you are a girl or a man so I’m gonna talk about them in separate instances.
A woman can get a vertical or a horizontal clitoral hood piercing, but it not always her decision on which of them to use.An expert in piercing should examine her first and he will tel her witch of the two she is best suited for.Some women are actually gifted with getting either of them, so they could actually choose (wouldn’t that be great?).
If you ask an expert if sexual hood piercing would stimulate you during sex, they would probably answer that is depends on the skill of the piercer but also on your own body.
And if you’re wandering if you could lose your ability to achieve orgasm, rest assure that the answer is no.An orgasm comes from the clitoris not the hood.Just think of it as a car: no damage comes to the motor if you tune your hood, right?
There are two more types of piercing that a women can get to maximize her sexual pleasure.

There is the clitoral piercing, one that actually penetrates the clitoris, but it’s much more risky then a hood piercing, because as I said, your tuning up you engine now....If you insist on getting one of these, you should be careful to get it from a skilled professional.A bad one could make you lose the ability to achieve orgasm.
The last one is a labia piercing, which can arouse any man, but it wound give you any sexual bonus.You’re getting this one just for the look!

So, if you’re still not sure on which location to choose, just look at some  hardcore porn  to see what those girls wave pierced!  And if you’re really sure you want one of these, be careful to choose an expert to do the job!

In my next post I’ll talk about the way a man can get an sexual upgrade from piercing himself!

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