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Sex in public places
I wasn’t really willing to share some of my personal experiences, but this one has to come to light.It’s so fun to have sex outside, under the stars.I’ve done it loads of times and still every time is different, because you have the whole world and the night as your cover.
At first is a bit strange, because in the city, even if the night provides you with the shelter of shadows, will still hide a lot of dangers.
But it totally worth it! Did you know that 17% of people fantasize about it?It may be the risk or the novelty of a strange place, but either way it all about the location.A perfect spot, even if you don’t plan the ting trough, could still offer you pleasures as never before.
I was at a bar with some friends, and I was eyeing a guy all night.He never seemed to look at me and I was kinda sad about it.I was wearing a short baby-doll dress and after a lot of drinks, maybe to many, I started dancing really slow next to him.I one moment I was there and in the next we were in the parking lot, on the hood of his car.It was such a thrilling emotion, to see me there, with a total stranger, having sex under the moonlight, with any chance somebody will pass by.
That was one of my first time, and from that on, I’m a addict of sex in public places.
Here are some good public places where you and your lover could get it on:
Try while at a local parks and beaches, the special pig in a blanket position (cover yourselves with a blanket and wriggle like little pigs.).Or maybe try the Lumberjack position when you find yourselves in the woods, by acting as a PETA activist and a evil tree cutter.
Any position you’ll use, the result will still be as awesome.For more references you could try some amateur free porn movies.
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